Ideas & Impact

The Friends of Diamond Lake WA Foundation is continually trying to find ways to keep our lake clean and healthy. So far, we have improved water quality through a few different programs.

Boat Launch Inspection Site

Supporting a seasonal lake host at the boat launch is an idea that has been pursued for years, by past and present board members. In 2018, the FDLWF opened the inspection site at the public boat launch and in 2019 alone, 887 boats were inspected for invasive species. 

Reducing Aquatic Invasive Species

The FDLWF has contracted with Lakeland Restoration to perform annual herbicide treatments to help reduce the amount of invasive species in Diamond Lake. This program is vital to the health of our lake.  Without yearly herbicide treatment, invasive species – especially the Reed Canary Grass,  Yellow Flag Iris, and Milfoil multiply rapidly and create the need for greater amounts of acres that need treatment.

Working with Pend Oreille County

FDLWF works with Pend Oreille County on projects that may impact the lake, such as the recent culvert replacement on Northshore Road.

Fishing on Diamond Lake

The FDLWF works with the WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to maintain a fish pen, which is housed at Finch Waterfront in Boy Scout Bay. In 2020, approximately 14,930 rainbow triploid trout were placed in the fish pen for release in spring 2021. Thank you to Donny Endicott and all fish feeders for feeding the fish throughout the winter!